The title is not entirely accurate, obviously because there is the iPhone 11 which has only 2 cam’s and missing the telephoto lens. Well, the cheaper variant is assumed to have limited features, but the American tech supergiant has not compromised on any major hardware or software aspect of this phone which is commendable.The iPhone 11 comes in 3 different variants, the iPhone 11,iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The major change made to this phone and it’s predecessor is the new camera lens. Like many other competetors, Apple also designed their first 3-cam smartphone.

The iPhone 11 has the wide and ultra wide angle cams and not the telephoto lens. It also comes with the iconic Night Mode which is automatically switched to when low light is detected. The iPhones come in multiple color variants, there’s a new midnight green color, refreshed silver,refreshed space gray and a new gold finish.

#Triple Cam

Apple has added the Ultra ide angle cam lens instead of a new telephoto lens which many of us expected. The Ultra wide lens is @ 0.5X zoom and it can go upto 2X zoom. The ultra wide angle lens also has an f/2.4 aperture and a 120-degree field of view. Similar to the Google Pixel, Apple have also come up with a new night mode to take low-light mode shots. The teh giant stepped a bit further by creating the “Deep Fusion” tech. This is a technology combines photo data from the 3 lens and fuses it to get a Deep and clear picture of every shot which is said by Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, “computational photography mad science.”

The Front camera has also gone through some upgrades, it has been upgraded to the 12-megapixel zoom sensor and can accomodate a lot more people with every front cam shot.

#My Personal View

With all this being said, We’ll get down to my say. Frankly, i did not see a major upgrade in most of the aspects except a few and I don’t see as to why there is a new phone upcoming into the market with not a lot of upgrades.Apple phones have now reached the ultimatum in terms of the price and quality and perhaps innovation as well. Well, like i said , there has been some developments and from various sources, We can say that the photo department did a good job in generating absoulutely amazing shots from every click.

The last iPhone to have a fingerprint sensor was the iPhone 8 and after updating the design to an almost infinity display touch screen, Apple removed Touch iD . With the latest Optical Fingerprint tech, they can incorporate touch iD from under the screen. This is one of the many things Apple could really work on to get on the top of the arguably “Best Phone in the Market”.

– By Mohit Katta